how to measure for custom orders

Trap and/or International Coat:

  • Chest measurement
  • Waist - around the biggest part of your stomach area
  • Sleeve length - from the center of the shoulders (spine) at the base of the neck, across the top of the shoulder down the arm to the wrist bone. Arm must be relaxed and hanging at your side.
  • Coat length - measurement is taken between the shoulders, again, run tape from the base of your neck down the center of the back down to the bottom of the rear end.
  • Height is required also.

Short Coat Measurements:

  • Same as above requirements - but the length is measured to the waist.
  • Need true waist measurements - at the belt, as well as biggest part of stomach for the coat to zip.

Vest Measurements:

  • Same as above for coats, minus the sleeve length.
  • Make sure length is measured as above - to the bottom of the rear end.
  • Height and hips are needed for order, also.

Pant size, true waist measurement, at the belt and inseam.

Standard Sizes:
"Actual" chest sizes for the standard sizes (for men). Inches are automatically added to these actual measurements for comfort.
S - 38"
40 - 40"
M - 42"
43 - 43"
L - 44"
46 - 46"
XL - 48"
2XL - 50" - 52"
3XL - 52" - 54"
4XL - 54" - 56"